Fairing East: A Motorcycle Trip Across America

this can only end well…

Things that stopped working

We have had a great time so far and haven’t had anything negative happen during the trip. There were a few obstacles that we enjoyed overcoming. Here is a short list with how we solved each problem.

Bought a bike with no rear tire pressure – Drive Slow

Forgot fork and knife – Tent stake chopsticks

Forgot matches and lighter – Use motorcycle battery and wires to make spark.

Motorcycle battery shorted radio and tachometer – Shift by the sound of the bike

Keys fell out of ignition on road in Idaho – Keep keys in pocket from now on

Glasses fell out in Washington – Visit Lense Crafters in Montana

Broken iPhone – Visit AT&T in WY

Quarter sized bubble in helmet visor – Buy a spaceman mirror replacement visor

Sleet and Hail and Snow – Keep riding

Adams pinky finger won’t work – Keep riding

Engine exhaust smokey – Give bike it’s daily oil.

Forget to put up kickstand – Pick up motorcycle in front of Michigan state trooper.

Bison like charging motorcycles – Evasive maneuver and emergency stop.

Run out of water in the badlands – Drink whiskey instead.

Drive 300 miles to a campsite the doesn’t exist – spend night in Broadus MT, population 451.



4 comments on “Things that stopped working

  1. motoed (@motoed)
    June 20, 2013

    Engine smokey… Also try using center stand as much as possible. My old wing will smoke out the left exhaust if I leave it on the side stand.

    • shenksmare
      June 21, 2013

      Thanks for the advice, Ed! I’ll give it a shot today

  2. Mom
    June 20, 2013

    As soon as I stop laughing I will post a reply. Love you two!

  3. Dermot Jinks
    June 21, 2013

    sounds like you are getting the ‘full’ cross country trip experience… try lying w/ roll under neck before bed for a few minutes for the finger issue (not a guarantee but may help)… a chiropractic thing

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