Fairing East: A Motorcycle Trip Across America

this can only end well…

Day 4: Missoula to West Yellowstone

While we made it through the night without being woken up by a grizzly, the steady rain that started around 2am caused Kyle to scramble out of his tent and quickly assemble the rain fly he had been using as a pillow. Packing up in the chilly rain, we realized it was going to be a tough day of riding.

Montana had it all-beautiful scenery, long straightaways, rain, hail, sleet, and sun. We thoroughly tested the upper limits of our motorcycles speed on the sunny straightaways, and the waterproofing on our jackets and saddlebags during the cold deluge. By late afternoon it had stopped raining and we pulled into West Yellowstone, the (you guessed it) western gateway to the park. After consulting with the ranger we decided to head towards Lake Hebgen and some free campsites in the national forest.

After taking our goldwings on some terrain they were most certainly not designed for, we pulled up to camp, dreading crawling into our soaking wet tents and bags. Lo and behold, another camper had set up a Taj Mahal two roomed tent. He came over and chatted with us about our trip, then informed us he was a local saving the spot for his camper the next night, and he was heading home for the night. He kindly offered us use of his tent-talk about Montana hospitality! Thanks to the kindness of strangers and dumb luck, we had a lakeside campground for ourselves, the moose, and the grizzlies. After some whiskey, cheese, bread, and meat, we settled in to rest up for Yellowstone the next day.



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