Fairing East: A Motorcycle Trip Across America

this can only end well…

Sunday is a day of rest!

With the work of acquiring road-worthy hogs behind us, Sunday was a day for relaxing and exploring Seattle. Here’s the rundown.

Morning – Up at the crack of dawn to update WordPress. Caitlin uses her last three eggs for delicious a breakfast scramble. Decide to run errands.

First stop is under a bridge to meet The Troll

Need food for the trip and go to the grocery store hungry. Leave grocery store with all the food necessary for a trip across North America:
Chocolate covered espresso beans
Wasabi Peas
Peppered Mango

After a quick hardware store visit, we ogle the bikes and decide to play mechanic. Kyle learns the clutch, Adam brakes and mirrors. Repairs are 3 for 3.

Caitlin takes us for a walk to Seattle via the waterfront. We see the mandatory Seattle sites, walking past the Space Needle and perusing Pike Place Market

Adam and Kyle meet up with an old friend at The White Horse Trading Co.

Dinner at The Crab Pot with Caitlin, Adam’s parents and longtime family friends. After stuffing ourselves on Crab, clams, mussels and shrimp, we make the long walk back to Caitlin’s house. We finish packing a turn in around 1:00 for a bit of rest before striking out on the open road.



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